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Trapeze is a native iOS and Android project management utility, with both a configuration-driven tool and a Node.js-based API. Trapeze can modify mobile projects for traditional iOS and Android, Ionic/Capacitor, React Native, and Flutter projects (with more planned).

The Configuration tool uses the Project API under the hood, but works by processing a YAML configuration file that describes various project operations. The tool supports using environment variables for easy configuration.

Some of the features of this tool include:

  • Modifying Android Manifest files
  • Modifying Gradle (Groovy) files with accurate AST-based modifications
  • Creating Android resource files
  • iOS project build configuration with full support for targets
  • Updating plist files and entitlements

The Project API abstracts away common iOS and Android project management operations to make it easy to build programmatic project automation scripts.

Explore the documentation to see how to use the Configuration tool or the Project API directly.